Sunday, February 27, 2011

When you hear some good news and it hurts you and you feel like crying =[[ it jus happen to me ..
why i'm not feeling good? may be 'cause it's not related to me, or may be i'm jealous.. !!!


a WITCH and my lil Angel.. !!

for my 32 years old, lil angel (omg check the size of little) innocent, handsome, rich, well-educated, well-mannered [omg omg omg stop exaggerating aunty]  son i need a WITCH, oh i mean a girl who's:

  • cute

  • fair

  • tall

  • rich

  • solid family background

  • preferably living in UK or USA

  • not more than 18 

  • well-mannered

  • trained

  • educated

  • a family oriented 

  • decent

  • not so talkative

  • innocent

  • expert in cooking, washing, cleaning and every other service

ehh i have a list, i'll email you on demand if the girl is having these basic FEATURES .. 


oh your daughter is not educated much, not good in height, she's dull, oh their house is small, oh she's OVER-AGED, your extended family is poor, she talks a lot, she's not talking at all, she's not good in cooking, she's this, she's that. Ohh WITCH !! 

my personal experience, an old lady came to my place to meet me up, to inspect me is the good word LOL .. 

she was like ohh you are working .. i won't let my witch to work no one in my family work yea we have a school they teach there. 
Me [whispers in head] F***** !! teaching is not working ...? she got brain ehh !! LOL
Me [Loud] sorry i won't leave my work. i'm getting good and i'm quite satisfied there.
She [and she was always loud ONLY lol] how much you are earning.
Me [Whispers in head] WOW .. lol and i told her and quite misbehaved with her by leaving there without telling her or bye [she was sounding like a REAL BUSINESS WOMAN] 
and very next day, she called my mum and ask that She's ok with my job. ohh woot.. 
i'm so exited. lol .. buhahah .. 
think i'm despo about it? F****** it's a NO !!

and again another old lady with his brother who was so desperate 'cause he got no job and then a cute girl with her mum who adored me but the SIGNS were not matching with his son. and then a aunty who lied a lot about his lil angel. 
these things become worst when it comes about LOVEEEEEEEEEE MARRIAGES .. oh she trapped my lil angel son. 

well i wasn't writing about my personal experiences, but i NEVER understand why her son is always better than every witch exist in this universe. is it some revenge a woman is taking? LOL .. !! i got quite out of mind when i start thinking about them. 

jus think once if she's your daughter? do you act same in her case too??? well the answer is so obvious. 

i'm always unable to conclude the final answer that who's the actual witch, well guess yourself.. 

P.S. people do ask me a lot that why i'm so upset with life sometimes, well the SHADI wasn't the reason; i never knew that i have 2 more sisters and i'm over-aged if SOME PEOPLE there didn't keep on telling me everyday. still NOW i myself think that it's the right time to think about it seriously avoiding these witches. D: LOL but the actual reason of my distract mind is my regrets which i don't wanna share with me even buh yea they make me feel down sometimes. 
i'm ok with them.. i'll b more ok with time hopefully. 

Believe it or not; It's Lahore ..

I thought it was a hailstorm, but unbelievable, snowfall in Lahore. 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Felt Sorry For Myself Because I Had No Shoes, Until I Met A Man Who Had No Feet. [Sheikh Sa’di]

I'm feeling sorry for me for having no feet, for what should i be thankful? i'm feeling so useless in this world .. !! 

Friend of Friend .. !!

you know whats the SWEETEST thing pissed me off, when I have two friends , idk what .. who don't know each other and met anyways through me and then start directly and throw me out like a balloon after getting its air out. 
isn't it worth shouting..??
get a life you, Friend & Friend of Friend ... !!! ehh please .. !! 
urgh .. 

Bhoki Moti ..

awww cuteness .. !! The Gaye in Big Boss ..
Recalling the time when zee and meds attacked on this picture thread.
trash the one who can't protect you or respect your feelings. 
i trashed one more FOREVER..

Friday, February 25, 2011

headache ... !!

I'll have a database of complains when you will be with me. I'm having bad bad headaches 'cause i have too much to keep in me.

i'm missing my complain collector .. !!

moving to West ..

sitting on my comfortable armchair, looking outside the window, I can see the lawn of my home, the lawn where me and my wife grew up all favorite trees and flowers.  I'm in a unpleasant mood but the pleasant sunshine from my window is lighting up the whole room and the flash back of times are leading me back to my life.

Thirty years back when my father got his retirement and my mother was sick, I was planning for the successful life and the new move in society. My wife was my support and we decided to first change the house we were living in. the old fashioned  wooden house in the East corner of city. We wanted to move newly developed West corner, where the new standards of life were waiting for us.

My workplace was nearer, my wife's gym, my son's school, my golf club. Our life was there. I still remember the day when I told my parents, my mother was never ready to move with me, even my wife never wanted her to move with us and even I was with her but I wanted to sale the old house, the house where I grew up 'cause it would help me getting my new dream, and I had no other option to ask them to go with me.

My parents never wanted to move, but I was insisting on moving and while telling them all luxuries we were going to have there, I completely ignored the old Banyan tree under which I played throughout my childhood, I completely forgot the small wooden balcony where my mother and her fellows used to sit and knit gloves for their sons, I avoided to recall the old church where my father used to go each Sunday. My dreams were in front of me and these old termited life was pain for me.

Sun sets in the west. 

My mother told me.

But Yes it was my final decision, I choosed my life and moved to my new palace. I saw my parents crying that day, crying and watching every corner of their old home. I was very happy on my new pace. I had a big room for my parents there and I thought even they were happy 'cause they never talked about that ever again.

I'm hearing birds singing in my lawn and my wife is coming up with a cup of coffee. I forgot where I was sitting while thinking all that. It's the time to sun set I guess. Holding the cup of hot coffee, I'm again drowned in the vast sea of my memories.

time flew away and snatched my parents from me, I was never unhappy, there's a time to end everything and they have completed their. My son grew up and the city even expanded more, we are now living in the Eastern corner of the city and my son wanted to move to West.

outside my window...
Sun is drowning to the West.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

we are all ok without you..

have you ever seen the *Are you alright? i'm very excited to see you here. Oh you were being missed around... * kind of people around? i'm sure you have seen many, the people who shows EXTRA AND FAKE CARE about you, even when they are not your family members.. and you are like ~omg, is he ok ? :P

its a human nature, he can't be happy with everyone, he can't make everyone happy but these *Are you ok* are always ok with everyone.. woot .. !! extra politeness, sign of a big explode.

shhh you are talking too much ...

and this is not the end, they think only they are right and whole world is so dependent on their sympathy. they think they are sent as survivor. they have strong doubts that if they are changing and inspiring the world *ALL ALONE*

well for all those who are like this in my life, i suggest them to stfu :P show your actual come'on ...
everyone knows what you are.
and we are all ok without you.
and even the world wouldn't end if you stop showing your lame efforts there.
mmm i'm jus saying ..

blabla.. !!!

I don't wanna shout about it but i feel like shouting and crying LOL.. i'm feeling lonely, asma is moved to new section of office and i think i'm so addicted to see her from here. LOL.
you think it's a Lame Reason..!! Well i know it's..

Idk why but i feel like crying, crying a lot. this unknown depression will kill me someday ..  =[[

i'm surrounded by many losers, sometimes i think i'm the biggest one ..

Well i'm not sure of me now, i'm jus saying ..!!
I'm not crying 'cause i've not enough tissue papers today ugh =D
woot woot .. !!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fake and Lame ..

People act so lame sometimes, i'll smile if i feel like smiling. whats with faking it and telling everyone to smile. whats with pretending, people recognize it when you are faking it.
jus be what you are actually ..

If you are pissed, show it..
Don't let others say that YOU ARE LAME ..

I jus HATE THOSE TILL DEATH who lies that they are always happy.. well you are not angel or prophet .. Hell !!!
*Fake people, Fake Qoutes with Fake Smiles*

if you are smiling even if you are hurt or pissed, either go for a mental checkup or stop faking it .. !!
otherwise It's LAME and so You are ..
Cheers.. !!

I'm jus saying ... !!

you think i'm gossiping, i'm bitching, i'm backbiting. 
Oh come'on i'm jus saying.. you are the ONLY ONE with whom i shared everything, you are like sister to me.. 

Dedicated to my sisterly loved friend ..
shister, unhide your wall.. I wanna see a bit more love there :p  

no hard feelings; well i was jus saying .. =$$ :D

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

wannabes ... urghh ..

suppose you are in a party and you encounter with a fat old man who wandering there and chasing you throughout the party, and finally got a chance to talk to you.. *wannabe*

and while talking he's throwing his lame jokes. and you are like *hey uncle! come'on its not funny at all.* but you can't tell him that how irritating he's to you. *fooooo ethics* LOL

but you can tell him here that go away uncle, i'm not interested in your pathetic jokes.

actually i found few uncles around, THE WANNABES ..
*do you wanna fraaaaaaandship with me*
~~ oh come on NO ..

*Please Please Please*
~~ NO >_>

*ok you are my best friend from now*
~~ get a life .. ~~ urghhhhh .. Bhroo !!
and Please your LAME JOKES are not ENTERTAINING at all .. !!

ME and MY ETHICS .. To hell with my good ethics, go to hell uncle !!

mummy I want this on my wedding ..

Now when I'm too much thinking about it, It's keep on appearing me in different forms. This wedding gown is super cute and lovely. I want to have one on wedding, I think everyone else too ..  Should I tell mummy??

wooot i Found a Girl on twitter ... !!!

with a very sorry, I don't care about so many followers on twitter. Yes i love followers on my blog, but twitter .. ehh .. i can't manage to remember so many people .. !! and i'm bad in following people back too, unless i FEEL LIKE to follow them. 
ehh bad me??

well i can't take attitude, i f*** others if they are trying to show me, that's why i usually avoid to have so many.

ehh anyways .. !! I was on twitter the other day and a guy retweeted my tweet, oo wow .. i'm sometimes like , WHO CARES.. Well i don't know what i told him and he asked me to follow him so he can DM *the Personal Message* me .. I was curious and i followed him. 

He DM-ed me, Mmmm and yea as expected, he was a loser with a broken heart story which i'm not gonna write here. Well i'm good in condolences and i console him with my very sad, move on, get a life blablabal..

and then it started, he's the richest guy on twitter, the worst heart broken, and a great show off. atleast that's all what he told me and i lol a lot on it. It's bad i'm lol'in in public but it was funny .. i think .. :P

anyways .. and it was going on smoothly, he never talked to me publicly and all show off was in DM .. anyways i was limited to my parts .. like ** im sorry, thanks a lot and it's very sad. ** =]] 

i'm on bad diet and one day i tweeted that i'm so hungry .. and he DM'ed me offering me to send burger or pizza or chocolates from his side. I was like no thanks .. and the answer was think again, i'm openly offering you.. 

Jus for fun, i asked him to send me chocolates. well well well .. he said where to send you, and i thought it's all a joke, i said i'm at work send me here. and then hours left, no reply. I forgot about it all. 

When i returned back to home, i checked my twitter and a DM was there, ~sorry, your chocolates are due on me. I was like no no thanks, its all okk.. and then he started .. keep on saying that those chocolates what i asked for fun is due on him and i should give him my address to send them. hell i said a NO and the DM was like, tell me your address or else i would never talk to you.. 

i was like what the f*** :!! as if i was dying to talk to him lool .. :\ and i said whatever.. ! you are rude but never mind, i wont tell you. and he said a bye .. and couldn't swear me last time 'cause he unfollowed me very next moment.. 

ehh trust me, i don't care about so many followers and i don't care about his DMs at all. I was jus showing my good side, by consoling him. 'cause i thought he needed it. yea my ethics taught me *never say a no to someone when he needs you* no matter u know him or not. 

anyways i'm so pissed on him, a guy who thinks him super cool, but he was over dumb, a guy who thinks that he's impressing me with his money but i was lol-in on him on backside, and a guy who took my condolences and instead of a simple thanks, he tried to get on my nerves by doing such a cheap thing. 

Well this post is for all guys, who think girls are dumb and not getting what the hell they are playing. and for him, i'm sparing him a bit by not showing his name and his race which he explicitly mention when he was threatening me ..

Some of my Favorite Things ...

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens

Brown paper packages tied up with strings

These are a few of my favorite things

Cream colored ponies and crisp apple strudels

Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles

Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings

These are a few of my favorite things

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes

Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes

Silver white winters that melt into springs

These are a few of my favorite things

When the dog bites

When the bee stings

When I'm feeling sad

I simply remember my favorite things

And then I don't feel so bad

Julie Andrews - My Favorite Things Lyrics

GET LOST YOU .. *****

We are all surrounded by *******, i mean LOSERS (polite ahh) .. !! ehh it's a relief when you make them same like they made you sometime.. Yea You feel Happy when you took a revenge .. I know it's bad, but If there's someone who always pissed you off .. and you are trying to save yourself from them..

and when they again & again coming to you .. and piss you off till death .. !! You are avoiding and they are still coming and finally you are like **GET LOSTT**

is it bad?
yea i know it's , but it's the best option..

oo i was working and that ***** distract me .. !!
sorry .. :p I'm so annoyed actually .. LOL ..
Back to work ..
Cheers .. !!!

Resepct others & Be Respected Yourself .. !!!

What would you do if you have a person around you is annoyed on something?

Will you console him and try to make him feel better? Will you laugh over his misery??

What if you are in same misery... Do you want that in same case others laugh over you??

Respect others feelings, so that even yours would be respected. Otherwise sooner or later when you'll be in same situation, others will have no other option but to act same like You did.

I strongly believe on Respect Others feelings and Your will be Respected yourself

Why I'm Shouting this??  I was hurt on something the other day and people were enjoying it all, and return the favor =)

Shout Loud .. !!!

I'm too much into complaining, i'm too much into *say whatever i feel* i'm too much into shout everything loud.. !!!

I found a solution, I make my voice that loud that everyone else can hear it.

I believe on *say it, say it loud*
Hope I have people around to listen me ... !!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Waiting for the LAST encounter ... !!





To be helped..

To be cared..

To be loved..

To be held..

To feel your heart beating..

To listen that chord again ..


Counting .. !!!! I'm tired now ...

Losing  but

Still dreaming..

Still thinking..

Still wishing..

Still hoping.. Yes I'm tired now ..

and ... STILL I'M WAITING.. !!~~

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

When I found You ..

and when I lost all hopes, You showed me the right path, the path I always looked for.. When I got no more support you give me yours... 
and now when I have you, I have no doubt on me that I LOVE YOU and only YOU.. and I want you to hold me forever, so that I need no one else in Life ... 

I can't stay outa here, jus in one day, I'd worst headache ever.. I have my life here and I realized the simplest rule to live happily , forgive people easily but never forget... 
Happy Eid Milad-un-Nabi to all Muslims..

Sunday, February 13, 2011

To The Man on White Horse .. !!

This post is dedicated to My One.. The Man on White Horse..
My Prince Charming .. !! 

And you know what you are for me.. A passion, A Smile, A Spark, A Charm .. I don't wanna write words here for you, I wanna put my heart in this post, and it would be all about You itself.

and yea it's like when I close my eyes and I see you there and when I open my eyes, I wanna see you .. !! Your everything make me fall in Love with you.. 

Once you asked me why do I love you and I never replied to that, I wanna tell you today that I love you, 'cause there's no one else in this world deserve my love more than you, I love you 'cause no one else in this world love me like you do. I love you 'cause no one else in this world care for me like you do. You tolerate my silly things, You love to listen me even when I'm not talking. You smile on my anger, You ignore my mistakes, You avoid to fight with me; even on my idiotic reasons. I love you when everyone else tell me that he loves you, I love you when you talk about me all time and praise me. I love you 'cause there's no one else in this world  to whom I can show all my anger and tantrum. and I Love You 'cause you don't want me to change.

And when WE get into some problem and have arguments, you listen to me and prove me right every time even when I know I'm wrong. I fight a lot, a lot, jus 'cause you are the only one who can understand my frustration, who can take that out of me, I know I'm mean to you but thats the only way I talk to you a lot and tell you everything.

My Life is mean for You and Only You, I want to be with you today, tomorrow , forever .. !!

You know what, I know you are the only one who can sort me and everything else in my life.  And now I'm waiting for you to come and take me away on Your White Horse. 

and I wish you read it today yourself, and if you can't I'll make you read that day

when We will be together, forever ..  [very soon IA]

and for you .. Love Story .. Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone.. !!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Come let me Love You, come Love me again...

Month of Chocolates, Roses, and heart is on its peak. Valentine is near, jus in two more days. 

Love is an ideal thing. It's a different feeling when you know there's someone who cares about you, when you know there is someone who thinks about you. When you know there's someone who wants you desperately. When you miss a heartbeat when you see the one around. You smile when you think about the one. When you prefer talking to one on sleep, and when you can do anything to make the one smile. When you fight them a lot to jus make them say out all and when you think of them, you feel like flying. 

Ehh wooo If you are feeling same, you are in love .. !! 
And did you tell the one already?? 

you are going good if the answer is a yes, but on That Day, Do let them know that you are there for them always and say the three magical words. s jus a discrimination that if you are a guy, you  are dominating and can easily prove your words. Say it Loud

I Love you and I mean it.. 

Give them a surprise. Show your craze and the limits of your love to each other.  Wear pink or Red. Tell them that there's nothing in this whole universe is more important than them. Go get some chocolates, teddies, cards and flowers for them. Mmm a good idea is lunch/dinner out, on some peaceful romantic place, or may be jus few hours together all alone, or at least a call jus to make them special.  Mmm 11 red roses on same day is the Best Idea.

and jus in case, your answer is no and you didn't tell them yet, what are you waiting for? it's the perfect time to make them feel your presence, to tell them what you are feeling for them. and I'm sure, no one will punch you. A unsuccessful try is better than life time regrets. 

And though I don't want people to lie in this category but If you are a Heart Broken but still want them, it's a good time for it even, otherwise it would be a time to miss them and cry over what you lost. 

Don't be hesitant to share love and happiness around. For a girl, If you feel that he can protect you, he can make you happy and he loves you, leave the whole world behind and ask him to be in your life forever. For a guy, if your girl told you her feelings even once, do respect it 'cause a girl never say it unless SHE MEANs IT. Give it a try otherwise 14, February 2011 would be another hectic Monday for you.

I don't mind saying that I fell in love and I told my one, I felt this all and I'm a ....... and I want .....
I'm listening John Denver's You Fill up My Senses a lot these days. It's an highly romantic one, play the one in candle light dinner, even if it's in a roadside hotel or in your kitchen...

You fill up my senses like a night in a forest,

Like the mountains in springtime,

Like a walk in the rain, like a storm in the desert,

Like a sleepy blue ocean.

You fill up my senses, come fill me again.

Come let me love you, let me give my life to you,

Let me drown in your laughter, let me die in your arms.

Let me lay down beside you, let me always be with you

Come let me love you, come love me again.

Let me give my life to you,

Come let me love you, come love me again.

It took almost 45 minutes to make up my mind to think about from where to start. It was not tough to write but it was tough when you don't know exactly what you want to write when you are writing.  
Happy Valentine's Day .. 
Love for all and  special chocolates for one  ....!! 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Being Cruel ..

We girls are like angels and when someone breaks our wings.. we continue to fly, on a broomstick..
It made me recall an old song, flying with broken wings, if somebody broke your wings and you still wanna fly, get a broomstick. If this world is cruel to you, return more to it. 

Preaching a lot about making mistakes, I started to same for myself a lot. 
I think I'm turning to a human, Selfish, Heartless and Cruel .. 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

and I killed her .. !!

I again found her sitting in the darkest corner, and jus for the curiosity i asked what she's doing there.
I'm lost ..
and when i insisted she told me whatever happened. I laughed on her throughout the story even when i knew she was hurt and crying. and when she stopped, the chewing the gum i asked her..
So you are done?
Yes .. We are. We were not meant for each other.

Haha .. I always laughed a lot when i pissed. and her hell crying all time made me annoyed this time. I looked at her asking that can I help her?

Jus tell him that I'm not that bad, jus I'm having bad time and people made it worst. and even you both didn't help me. I'm sorry for everything what I spoiled. But I myself isn't happy, i dreamed my life with him. I've my plans with him. I'm on the darkest end either I've to restart it now or end it.
Oh poor you. He didn't help you, but yes I can. I can kill you, rather I'm killing you. I'm f***ed up with your mourning and crying every time. You are dead, now go to hell..

It wasn't jus words i killed her. I'm sorry for killing her, she meant to love, she meant to care, she meant to pampered, she was the angel me.

But i was so pissed 'cause of her. I killed my innocence, i killed the loving and caring part in me, I killed the actual aish.. I killed the dreamer..


Yes I'm a killer ..

this song is dedicated to the killer .. 'cause I know her END ..

P.S. As the loser is dead, the Cruel Aish is starting a new series to trap people. LOL .. !!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Four in a Family .. !!!

2000- It's Saturday night and three girls and a young boy are sitting together, watching Television, laughing over random things. Mum is staring on us and asking to stop giggling 'cause their  father is sleeping in next room. They are stopping this non-sense laughter and start again. While watching the idiotic show on Television, they are passing eatables to each other. Yes they are sharing a lot.

They are not bored with each other, but with this T.V show so instead of changing the channel, they started playing ludo.  ehh yes She's cheating throughout the game, and She's sure even these three as well. Mum is watching and smiling on them. And now she's going to sleep. They are not in mood to sleep tonight, after all it's weekend.

It's 2 A.M and they are done with ludo. Three are beating him up with pillows on cheating a lot and winning in three games. Now it's time to watch a movie.

She wants to play some light family movie and three are insisting to watch horror. She's yelling over them and finally going to watch a horror one with them. Keep on calling them mean. They are enjoying her expression on horror scenes than movie itself. She's laughing on all too.

It's 3:30 A.M, movie isn't over yet and they are feeling hungry. They are pausing the movie and going in kitchen all together. Frying potato fries and cooking some instant noodles and bringing it back to their living area. Now they are eating and watching movie again.

Finally movie is over and three of them laughing on her who was busy in texting instead of watching movie 'cause she's afraid of watching horror movies even with all family. It's 5:15 A.M and they are going to sleep now.

2011- It's again a Saturday night and she's sitting alone recalling time she had with them.  She completed all plans she made with them and she can't share her success with them now. She's lonely and they are busy. Her brother is going out with friends and sisters are busy in doing their stuff. She's missing them, and she's not sure this time if they are feeling same.

P.S. picture left to Right > (Maryam [Merry Jerry], Ali [baba], Me[Aish], Asma [Mick])

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Life is not a Fairy Tale.. !!!

You want to hold things to you forever, you want nothing leave you never..
You want your good time to be with you forever.  But while creating your wishlists, you always forget one thing, that you were an ordinary human, you would not expect for miracles to happen.

I was a princess of my dreamworld, my dreamland.. Yes I was. I think it was a dream to own a dreamland even. Yes I'm up 'cause of a nightmare and don't wanna dream anymore, I'm not brave enough to encounter ANOTHER nightmare for me .. I'm no more a princess and I'm no more a Ruler on my dreamland.. It's difficult to get outa all fantasy but it's better to get real and play safe.

Month of Love and Roses is "ON" and I'm leaving my blogging for an unlimited time, I'll come back when I gotta good dream, a irresistible need to write for.