Sunday, January 23, 2011

Play Safe but Take a Risk, Make a Mistake..

Ahh .. I wish it happend in that way .. I wish I was able to get it.. I wish this, I wish that...

Daily life is full of wishes, everyone has some dreams and we all are running for them. We wish for something and start working for it (yes im talking about the brave and strong ones) and then we get tired of it. I always stuck with one thing that Can your dreams tire you up? I read somewhere a Yes.. My answer is No ... 

 When we wish for something, we never try for it with full heart, we are never ready to take risks about our wishes, we want to play smooth without taking risks and making mistakes. Yes we are scared of Not Granting our Wish. That is a not so brave behavior. umm all of us have fears of making mistakes. With an optimistic approach, we all are humans and we are created to make mistakes.

If I start with the easiest thing, If you love someone, go and tell her. Max. worst that can happen is she would say a No. If she denies it go and try again. Max. worst can happen is she would slap you. But yea then you will have no regret that you could never tell her, May be it was a yes from her side. If you are playing cricket and stroking slow with your bat thinking that you can out, but why cant you think in a positive way that a hit can be a Six. If you are a businessman and you are scared of investing somewhere, you are a house wife and hesitant of cooking something different, it implies on anyone anywhere. We never think the worst scenario, we never play wise, we jus want to win without effort and making mistakes.

For learning something new and grant our wishes to come true, we have to listen to our heart, take a risk and make mistakes, with keeping in mind the worst scenario (jus to play safe). Now when I'm keep on preaching to make mistake, So make a mistake but never repeat the same.
A believer is never bitten twice from same hole.

Never repeats your mistake 'cause you have already learned and now you are experienced. Yea try a one new mistake and it can bring The Best in your life. 

Jus for the last note, Our Dreams can Never tire us up, they give us more strength to work hard and dream more.

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