Monday, January 10, 2011

Can you Worship Two??

Can we Love two people at time..??
I looked at her face who was asking me leaving her fork in plate. I have no idea what she wanted to hear at that time... Should I say no. Should I say I have no clue? Should I say What u r saying girl?? I think a lot in 10 sec watching her smile and then I said yes... playing with my salad in the plate with my fork. This yes was never in my list when I was planning my answer, it was the spontaneous truth that I uttered without thinking...
Can we…?
She confirmed me and I nodded my head in a Yes ... Hmm!! She agreed with me and then we started discussing other things. But after the lunch my mind kept on telling me that it was the weird most thing I have ever told anyone. I can’t ever support it after saying it and I can’t either deny my statement that I was talking about parental love or love to my family, friends or my pets. I knew what love she was asking about and what love I answered to her. And I know we were not talking about infatuation. My affirmative answer was reflecting my thought because I think yes we can... I’m not gonna say it’s my personal experience but at least I know myself, depends on life is giving me next chance. People can say it stupidity but that's the way I’m in actually.
Oh I was talking about falling in love twice or at time with two different persons. Love is just a feeling. You can have it for one or many at one time. If you can love one, you can have another one for sure. It’s not that difficult. Not just ‘cause I made it so easy, It’s really simple.
But the actual difference comes when you ask someone can you Worship two at time? Or can you worship one and then move to the other??
The extreme of love when you think the other one with you the entire time even s/he’s not with you ... The extreme of love which for me is when you admit the other as your God. The state in which you never ask for yourself but the other one. In which you hate every other thing which goes against your Love..
This state can you get just once in your life time. The true love that can happen jus once in whole life. You can't worship twice, you can't ever worship two.
This is 3 am on dial... Friday. Saturday and now Sunday ... I have another sleepless night and I wrote it all on my phone... Think I’ll publish it tomorrow.. If tomorrow comes..
 I have choosen my ONe and  I'm bit outa this frustration ‘cause I’m now clear about things as I was never before. Love for all. <3

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