Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What She Wants ... !!!

You guys always come up with the thing that *what a girl wants*
it's seems to be a universal question now lol .. seriously.. !!

I know what Your ~She~ wants.
Trust me 99.9% girls are not about money and handsome guys. so keep trust that your she's not in 0.1%.

She wants jus a lil bit care, two words of sympathy when she's down about something. Is it too much if she wants to all you? She wants to be the ~Only One~ She don't wanna be compared and messed up with Others. If she mean a bit for you, Isn't its her Right??? She wants time, wants to be pampered all time. Girls loved it when you call and treat 'em like a baby and yea she's a big attention seeker, she wants attention. Girls are bit emotional and required to handle with a bit care. If you say she's Special, make her feel too that she's. This list isn't that big; all is on my finger tips all she wants is
Love, Attention, Time, Care, Her Self-Respect

She means to her words and she can give you ~All from her~ even if you are not giving her all she wants. She's not difficult to understand, at least you can try once.. This post is specially for ~My You!~ and Mmm .. and yea for other bloggy and facebook friends too who keep on putting their statues as *what she wants*

My Life out of my Window is awesome till now, yea I couldn't get outa Internet but I'm still enjoying change.s Yea I found another wonderful thing out there. I'll show you soon..
Cheers !!

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