Saturday, December 4, 2010

Think Outa Pink.. !!!

3ye have a Pink Life with a slogan ~Think Pink~ but I'm feeling like Pink thoughts are making me frustrated. I'm a bit sick of My Pink Life, My Pink Planet. I think I'm messing up with other things again. I can ruin my life again if I didn't stop Thinking Pink. Think I should take a break from every other thing in Life. I wanna go outa my Pink World. I wanna Think more than Pink. 

I'm leaving My Life for few days, may be for a week or two. Mmm I won't appear around to many people, at least I'll try to not. Now the point is if I leave this Pink Life Style, where will I proceed towards. Things are here to help me. 

I'll move to a New Life; The Life From My Window, The Life Outside My Window ...

Umm I'm not leaving it forever, I'll be back soon towards the Pink , but I wanna experience a  change 'cause somebody told me that there's a good life other than my world. I'll search for that world. I wanna move to the Real Life. 

I feel light when I tell everything to a paper or my virtual diary or my Blog. so I won't forget to share my new experiences with my bloggy. Think this post is with too much of 3ye's so lets end it here. 

For all those who find me on places other than blogger, Miss me ok!! and yea I'll receive calls, texts and mails. You can't see me but yes I can. *Winks*..  Wish me luck and give me good ideas to go outa My Window to see a New Life. 

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