Sunday, December 12, 2010

I cant see myself without you.

I had a tiring weekend and headache is killing me but I have to write it cause I'll forget the scene if I couldn't write it now. May be I never forget whatever I had seen ;cause I'm trying since long but I still have doubt on my memory. 

It was a cold and rainy winter evening and I came early to home; I wasn't feeling well. My window I left opened in morning and my room was dead freeze. Almost sunset and it was making scene so cute. I stopped by my window. 

No one can see me in window and I can see all. I was looking for her she reached there in a bit. She used to of walking alone on the walking track side by the street. In meantime and she appeared. She was a girl with long messy wet hair on her shoulders, wearing a long gown and walking in her routine medium steps. I have no idea from where she's coming 'cause we always met her on track and we always started with a hello and ended on a smile. I felt something unusual with her today, her eyes was keep on searching for something around. she was so restless and I knew the reasons. She stopped there as usual. and after sometime sat there.

I saw someone coming from left with fast paces and he stopped near her. I have seen them together many times before on same spot. She immediately stood up, They were far away from my window and I couldn't hear anything but I know the Heart to Heart lang. 

Two Hearts were Meeting. 

Her restless face was so calm then and she was smiling. 
"You are late." 

He held her hand, she missed a heart beat. 
"I'm sorry I was stucked." 

She looked at his face and a small tear appeared in her eye. 
"I missed you." 

He wiped her tears. 
"Am I really mean to you that important?" 

She stared at his face again and sit on the track. 
"I think I would never sit here for some random guy." 

He smiled and followed same. Now both were sitting in fornt of me. She put her head on his shoulder. 
"I love you." 
She got so much courage to say it finally.The world seemed to be stopped. He held her hand again. 
"You know what you are saying?" 

She started playing with grass and plants on track. 
"I mean my words. I'm in senses." 

She was busy playing with grass and her hair were hiding her face view from both of us. He removed her hair from her face. 
"I do like you but it's so early to decide." 

I can feel tears in her eyes from that distance. 
"We shared a life together." 

He was still unsure. Nodded his head as he wanna say something very important. 
"You need to re-think about it." 

Her heart beat was so loud. She released her hand from his hands grip. 
"I never had missing parts but still I always felt so incomplete. I cant see myself without you, You complete me and I love you.You are my life." 
He gazed at her face without blinking his eyes. 
"I'm still not sure about things." 

I couldn't differentiate; the water drops were from her wet hair or they were tears. She smiled and left.

After that not only she but no one couldn't see her with or without him. Yea I have seen him many times wandering and sometimes sitting there in search of his missing part..

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