Friday, December 24, 2010

He left her crying ...!!!

He was sucha ditcher .. He promised her to be with her till the end and now left her crying. 

I was not feeling to write since long 'cause of winters, heavy work load and a sudden death..

I don't know how long I have know him but he was here around since I'm sensible. A hard, fit and polite person and a fatherly figure for me .. Mm time passed and He got Her.. I didn't find her looks like princess but yes he treated her like that. His Soul mate.. 

Time passed and we grew up .. They were still two sharing their time with each other, making smile and wiping tears. All family and friends asked him to get married again. And he denied.. !!

I hold her hand not to leave when it requires to hold it tightly, I won't leave her ever. She' would be alone otherwise, she don't even have parents to her.

Time passed again and the solid man got heart problem. She took care of her with the best way possible. Yes she returned his favors. and then she got same problem and admitted to hospital for long and the heart patient all alone took care of her.

and in a winter morning, giving his bed tea and wanting him to make same promises again when she was trying to wake him up, and he never respond to her.

He ditcher left her crying, who promised to never see a tear in her eye. He broke his promise and I lost m words.. 

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