Sunday, November 28, 2010

Think Mess, Pink Dirt..!!

Sunday 28 November, 2010

3:45 PM on the dial.. 
"Mum.. !! I have lost my lenses' container cap. Ap nay dekha?(Do you know where is it?)"
My lenses were irritating a lot 'cause I slept few hours in last two days and came back from a hectic journey. I was shouting in my room, 'cause I was tired a lot and couldn't search it on my own.  

Those who know me, know the thing that my room is my small pink world. and I don't like people to come and interfere in my life, even my mum. whenever she arranges something I'm always like Kyu Kia? (Why did you do that?) I was shouting thinking that somebody entered and messed up with my lenses kit.  

Ok coming back to my lenses container cap, I lost the right cap. who cares..! I put my lenses in open container , left them on my dressing corner and returned back to bed with my lappy and checking things around on internet obviously. I'm so tired. and meanwhile mum entered in room.  
Omg .. ~shocked~ 
"Itna ganda room (Your room is so messed up)." 

I tried to hide my coffee cup which was on my bed from Saturday evening and my mum was like 
"Idhar do (Give me)."
ehh why can she know and see everything what I wanna hide .. ehh ehh .. 
she took that cup and my last night Kurri plate.  

"is it ganda (messy)?"                       
[sometimes I really ask stupid things.]

"Ji Han (Yes it's)"                               
[and my mum is jus so straightforward :$]

"Are you trying to bistify (insult) me?"     
[it was jus embarrassment. ]

"Yes. I'm"   
[how sweet. I love you.]
I'm so sure that there will be few who will consider it a neat room. but yea it's my view I wish you can see it from my mum's. and it's really dirty.


cup was on bed, plate was on bed left side table, water bottle was on bed's back corner, my laptop's charger was on floor with other wires, my hair dryer & straightener was on floor with other wires, my towel was under bed with other cloths, my pillows were unarranged, my quilt was over me, the lappy with charger, my handbag was on the other side of the bed, my jaenamaz with my doppattas (prayer rugs & scarfs) were on right corner of the bed. Its not the end, my lenses were on dressing corner one OPEN, and even that corner was so messy. the basket of my accessories was on my bed under my diary which was supposed to be on dressing corner. Chocolate wrappers were on floor. What are dustbins for, jus waste of space. my shoes were near dustbin one here one there loll. 
Ehh .. I cant describe the mess here .. !! 

Think Pink was looking like Think Mess Pink Dirt..~~

Mum left without telling me that if she knows about my container cap and i was looking around my room and was so embarrassed watching around. It was really messed up. 

so many years ago i read somewhere that if you are in love you keep your things clean tidy. so in what state I'm? m i in hate lol .. yea I'm jus covering up my embarrassment. when I was fist entered in my ~think pink~ I was with a mind that it'll never be like a messy room and i always tried to keep it clean and organized as many people know and admit that I'm one of the most organized people among a group. 
People says a clean desk is a sign of a cluttered drawer. may be its my dirty drawer part. But I rarely shows my mess around .. there's something wrong with me. am I really ok? 

I was so tensed watching my room like this that I got up and cleaned it. Now its 5:30; it took an hour or more putting things on places and making it a worth living place. I found my lenses container cap near the dustbin, idk what the hell it was doing there.  

My think Pink (re-organized)

Perfect -Think Pink- is in its original mode again but look at the dial. its 6:30 and im goin to sleep after taking shower. and trust me it was good sleep 'cause i never keep satisfied when others touch my things and trying to arrange 'em.  

10:30 PM 
but yea I got up with fever 'cause I was so tired..  
"Mummm .. !! Check please I have fever I guess."
I shouted hearing she's upstairs in kitchen. she came checked.
"Han thora sa, medicine lo and sou jao, thak gae sara din (Yes a bit, take medicine and sleep now, you were tired whole day.)"
I'm not into ~ the culture ~ to tell my parents when I'm sick and taking medicines and all, who knows I jus called her to show my re-organized room.

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