Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pink turned BLuE..

Nothing is Pink around.. is Pink Dead? the sudden question raise in my mind.
I was so missing the Pink Smile; the smile which was making things bright, lighten up the surroundings, making everyone happy ..

Pink is Life; how can it die?

and then I heard that Pink turned Blue .. !!

yes I heard Pink turned Blue .. !!

Pink is Frozen as Blue; Life is Frozen ..
Remember we heard that Sleeping Beauty fairy tale. Pink is now that Frozen Blue Princess which is waiting for her Prince to come on his White Horse and touch her to give a Life and make her Pink again.

yes .. Pink can apparently go down or invisible but it's still alive. even if it has no Life but it still can think .. Think Pink..!! Think about a Life..  (A Small Pink Life)

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