Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My 24th December ...!!!

Let's try to remember these days back in December

Our lives were very different

My 24th December is on. Being my Birthday month; December means a lot to me .. 
My Birthday Month, Month of Celebrations??

December 2009 
December 2008 
December 2007 
December 2006 
December 1988 
December 1987 
December 1986

My mum was oiling my hair and I was travelling in past. I feel sorry for me sometimes, Right now Recalling that I'd a life till my 21st Birthday and I never felt same. I wish I could roll back time, not all 24 years but at least 3,4. Ehh..!! 

December relates with my life, my parents, my sisters, my brother, my besties and my old home. Yess .. Decembers means a lot to me, I loved em a lot and I hate 'em now (there's a thin line between love and hate) .. Every time MAJOR and WORST changes occur in this month. I'm not saying that I remember all but yea at least a bit about all. They are not only making me worried by thinking all time that I'm growing old but also they refresh my scars.  

Tonight I'm specially missing all those who are not with me this December, to whom I wanna listen ~A Happy Birthday even this year. To whom I shared My Life and who still mean Life to me. I guess I'm a bit upset, though I'm trying to feel ok but I feel like broken. 

I wish I can stop thinking about whatever is not here, whatever I lost and whatever is past and whatever I can never get back. I wish I can help me. 

I'd the worst marks of last 23 Decembers in my Life. Still hoping 24th will be a better one.. Even I myself know that it's crazy if I'm still waiting for a Good Change in my Life.. 

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