Thursday, November 25, 2010

its fun to be .. !!

One of mobile network advertisement is keep on annoying me with their tag line

It's fun to be young .. Really???

I'm not sure about ~to be young~ but something i know ..

--Its fun to repeat a word until it becomes meaningless to you.

--Its fun to smile alone thinking about something sweet happened to you.

--Its fun to watch all episodes of a show in a sitting.

--Its fun when in other somebody in other window is writing and erasing and you are watching and smiling.

--Its fun to read a page; forget it and read it again.

--Its fun when you feel like dancing in rain.

--Its fun to sit and make silly faces.

--Its fun to paint your face with silly water paints when your mum is not around.

--Its fun to chat whole night and get pissed on watching over the clock.

--Its fun to enjoy with friends tease and irritate them.

--Its fun to start a fight and cry at the end.

--Its fun to act like a child.

--Its fun to shout over phone and smiles when you see the one.

--Its fun to compose a mail and keep it as draft forever.

--Its fun to keep on smiling or blushing when you are chatting with the one.

--Its fun to start saying and stopping and other is doing same.

--Its fun when you are so pissed and somebody make you uncontrollably laugh.

--Its fun to make her feel so special.

--Its fun to have a chocolate which you don't wanna share with anyone.

--Its fun to wait for your very dear one with a hope.

--Its fun when you missed a heartbeat when you see him around.

Its fun when you feel you have a Life full of Somebody's Love !!!

Life is full of such amazing moments, we need to find out few in our everyday..

its fun to Live a Life ~Enjoy Life~

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