Thursday, November 18, 2010

If there were Dreams to Sell ..!!

I still remember the time when the best crayons in market were or the pink Barbie bag was the Biggest Wish of my Life. Life is the second name of Change and with some changes in my dreams'  preferences as well. when I was a teenage girl my wishes were like having that cell phone , lappy, good grades and things like that.  

To have a dream, and to accomplish it was so easy for me; I got almost all what I wished in my life and I never realized the actual meaning of the quote (If there were Dreams to Sell what would you Buy...??) or the true definition of Dream until I heard about a Life and a Love.  

I always had a Materialistic Mind, to get all things what everyone wished for but when i look at Love or Life; they are all as a Real Dream for me now. I'm not that successful yet in accomplishing both.  

So I kept thinking If there were Dreams to Sell what would I Buy...?? a Peaceful Life with True Love or my Other Dreams..??

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