Tuesday, November 2, 2010

i'M Missing my Boyfreind !!!

I’m missing my three years old Boyfriend... Oo I’m not joking I have a boyfriend who is jus 3 years old. (I'm 23 and few months) yea yea i know but I can’t help it man; Love is Blind … khekhe ..
Fahad .. !! Whenever I feel down I start thinking about him or watch his videos I have saved. His dances on song ‘Jee Karda’ and when he sings ‘Marjani as MarjaMoni’ with closed eyes … The way he always show off to his accessories. Aisha!!! Look at my watch, ‘Daddy London say laye hain’. lol... I love him when he acts like that. I love the way he shy when his mum asked him about me. I love him when he stops crying seeing me around. And I love him when he says she’s my Girlfriend… He’s a smile for me …
When all kids gathered together to play; he sits with me and tells me stories about his school and his home tutor. Once he told me how he made his tutor ran away from their home. All funny incidents happened to him always. He threw away cat one day. Yea some stories are self made. He always want to be Alone with me *blush blush* and sits in his room when there’s a big gathering in his lawn.
He’s the one from my whole family I loved the most. My adorable little kid. He’s three now and started going to school this year, and yea of course now he’s too busy to meet his gf...: Ss
I’m missing him a lot --- A lot .. Love him... xoxo ..<33

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