Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Baby are you down down down down ... !!!

Big Girls Don't Cry.. !!! ftw why not??

General perception of people around me is that I cry a lot for no reason... Oo Oo I cry a lot yes yes I do... !! And I hate it when somebody ask me why I’m crying instead of consoling me..

I love Jay Sean when he sings for his girl.

~you be my only, no need to worry... Baby are you down down down down ..

I’m feeling down today, it’s a public holiday and I’m working since morning. Well I don't have any problem with my work but only if I’m in mood. so the problem is I'm not in mood.

Actually it's all his fault to whom I'm listening from last two days and I'm jealous of his girl.. lol ..

But yea I’m happy 'cause here is no one who can see and say Big Girls Don't Cry!!

oh im not crying or upset .. I'm jus too much into this song today .. lol

yes but a bit down

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