Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My 24th December ...!!!

Let's try to remember these days back in December

Our lives were very different

My 24th December is on. Being my Birthday month; December means a lot to me .. 
My Birthday Month, Month of Celebrations??

December 2009 
December 2008 
December 2007 
December 2006 
December 1988 
December 1987 
December 1986

My mum was oiling my hair and I was travelling in past. I feel sorry for me sometimes, Right now Recalling that I'd a life till my 21st Birthday and I never felt same. I wish I could roll back time, not all 24 years but at least 3,4. Ehh..!! 

December relates with my life, my parents, my sisters, my brother, my besties and my old home. Yess .. Decembers means a lot to me, I loved em a lot and I hate 'em now (there's a thin line between love and hate) .. Every time MAJOR and WORST changes occur in this month. I'm not saying that I remember all but yea at least a bit about all. They are not only making me worried by thinking all time that I'm growing old but also they refresh my scars.  

Tonight I'm specially missing all those who are not with me this December, to whom I wanna listen ~A Happy Birthday even this year. To whom I shared My Life and who still mean Life to me. I guess I'm a bit upset, though I'm trying to feel ok but I feel like broken. 

I wish I can stop thinking about whatever is not here, whatever I lost and whatever is past and whatever I can never get back. I wish I can help me. 

I'd the worst marks of last 23 Decembers in my Life. Still hoping 24th will be a better one.. Even I myself know that it's crazy if I'm still waiting for a Good Change in my Life.. 

Friends Forever

me akh and mehreen were at my place

and it ends on a Friend Request..

Slush ..



Crazy Moi..

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Think Mess, Pink Dirt..!!

Sunday 28 November, 2010

3:45 PM on the dial.. 
"Mum.. !! I have lost my lenses' container cap. Ap nay dekha?(Do you know where is it?)"
My lenses were irritating a lot 'cause I slept few hours in last two days and came back from a hectic journey. I was shouting in my room, 'cause I was tired a lot and couldn't search it on my own.  

Those who know me, know the thing that my room is my small pink world. and I don't like people to come and interfere in my life, even my mum. whenever she arranges something I'm always like Kyu Kia? (Why did you do that?) I was shouting thinking that somebody entered and messed up with my lenses kit.  

Ok coming back to my lenses container cap, I lost the right cap. who cares..! I put my lenses in open container , left them on my dressing corner and returned back to bed with my lappy and checking things around on internet obviously. I'm so tired. and meanwhile mum entered in room.  
Omg .. ~shocked~ 
"Itna ganda room (Your room is so messed up)." 

I tried to hide my coffee cup which was on my bed from Saturday evening and my mum was like 
"Idhar do (Give me)."
ehh why can she know and see everything what I wanna hide .. ehh ehh .. 
she took that cup and my last night Kurri plate.  

"is it ganda (messy)?"                       
[sometimes I really ask stupid things.]

"Ji Han (Yes it's)"                               
[and my mum is jus so straightforward :$]

"Are you trying to bistify (insult) me?"     
[it was jus embarrassment. ]

"Yes. I'm"   
[how sweet. I love you.]
I'm so sure that there will be few who will consider it a neat room. but yea it's my view I wish you can see it from my mum's. and it's really dirty.


cup was on bed, plate was on bed left side table, water bottle was on bed's back corner, my laptop's charger was on floor with other wires, my hair dryer & straightener was on floor with other wires, my towel was under bed with other cloths, my pillows were unarranged, my quilt was over me, the lappy with charger, my handbag was on the other side of the bed, my jaenamaz with my doppattas (prayer rugs & scarfs) were on right corner of the bed. Its not the end, my lenses were on dressing corner one OPEN, and even that corner was so messy. the basket of my accessories was on my bed under my diary which was supposed to be on dressing corner. Chocolate wrappers were on floor. What are dustbins for, jus waste of space. my shoes were near dustbin one here one there loll. 
Ehh .. I cant describe the mess here .. !! 

Think Pink was looking like Think Mess Pink Dirt..~~

Mum left without telling me that if she knows about my container cap and i was looking around my room and was so embarrassed watching around. It was really messed up. 

so many years ago i read somewhere that if you are in love you keep your things clean tidy. so in what state I'm? m i in hate lol .. yea I'm jus covering up my embarrassment. when I was fist entered in my ~think pink~ I was with a mind that it'll never be like a messy room and i always tried to keep it clean and organized as many people know and admit that I'm one of the most organized people among a group. 
People says a clean desk is a sign of a cluttered drawer. may be its my dirty drawer part. But I rarely shows my mess around .. there's something wrong with me. am I really ok? 

I was so tensed watching my room like this that I got up and cleaned it. Now its 5:30; it took an hour or more putting things on places and making it a worth living place. I found my lenses container cap near the dustbin, idk what the hell it was doing there.  

My think Pink (re-organized)

Perfect -Think Pink- is in its original mode again but look at the dial. its 6:30 and im goin to sleep after taking shower. and trust me it was good sleep 'cause i never keep satisfied when others touch my things and trying to arrange 'em.  

10:30 PM 
but yea I got up with fever 'cause I was so tired..  
"Mummm .. !! Check please I have fever I guess."
I shouted hearing she's upstairs in kitchen. she came checked.
"Han thora sa, medicine lo and sou jao, thak gae sara din (Yes a bit, take medicine and sleep now, you were tired whole day.)"
I'm not into ~ the culture ~ to tell my parents when I'm sick and taking medicines and all, who knows I jus called her to show my re-organized room.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

its fun to be .. !!

One of mobile network advertisement is keep on annoying me with their tag line

It's fun to be young .. Really???

I'm not sure about ~to be young~ but something i know ..

--Its fun to repeat a word until it becomes meaningless to you.

--Its fun to smile alone thinking about something sweet happened to you.

--Its fun to watch all episodes of a show in a sitting.

--Its fun when in other somebody in other window is writing and erasing and you are watching and smiling.

--Its fun to read a page; forget it and read it again.

--Its fun when you feel like dancing in rain.

--Its fun to sit and make silly faces.

--Its fun to paint your face with silly water paints when your mum is not around.

--Its fun to chat whole night and get pissed on watching over the clock.

--Its fun to enjoy with friends tease and irritate them.

--Its fun to start a fight and cry at the end.

--Its fun to act like a child.

--Its fun to shout over phone and smiles when you see the one.

--Its fun to compose a mail and keep it as draft forever.

--Its fun to keep on smiling or blushing when you are chatting with the one.

--Its fun to start saying and stopping and other is doing same.

--Its fun when you are so pissed and somebody make you uncontrollably laugh.

--Its fun to make her feel so special.

--Its fun to have a chocolate which you don't wanna share with anyone.

--Its fun to wait for your very dear one with a hope.

--Its fun when you missed a heartbeat when you see him around.

Its fun when you feel you have a Life full of Somebody's Love !!!

Life is full of such amazing moments, we need to find out few in our everyday..

its fun to Live a Life ~Enjoy Life~

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Unspoken wOrds

How important to say it all.. ??? 
I can feel your heartbeat near me all time telling me that you are there standing for me but is it enough? 

[I was a strong believer of that stupid fictional stories when I was a kid and believed on that telepathy things in which one can understand other's Unspoken Words, but now when someone is asking me to understand things myself with few clues, I feel like to killing me or idk but to do something real bad. Bull S***.. !! Sometimes when I feel like to say everything to you and I want to be heard as well and I feel there's jus a presence saying I'm here but no one to listen me actually, I feel like to SHOUT LOUD at that time. All what stops me saying ALL is that jus few words; "I'm there for you" but did you ever really heard there when I said it all??? If you were there then why you were not understanding what I'was saying? Was I saying something in real?? I was talking about My Unspoken Words moving to Yours]

I jus don't understand that what time actually we are waiting for to say all .. to tell the one that we are really there and we mean whatever we are saying.  

I hate it when you are sitting there plucking pettles of an innocent flower saying "She loves me or she loves me not." and your Heart knows what you want on your last pettle, you want to say it loud and all to her. I'm sure before the last pettle whoever get up with a mind that ~to hell with this flower I have enough power to tell her and she'll be mine.~ I'm dead sure he'll be never unsuccessful. 

Don't let her leave on the thing that she'll understand herself, she'll Never let you know; even if she'll ever understand herself (she don't know telepathy damn) and specially 'cause Unspoken words are always Unheard.

She's there waiting for you...

Let her know and let her think about it...!!! If you are successful she's yours, make her feel special then, Life is short to live actually .. and I'm NOT jus saying, I mean it...!!!  
(and it's a suggestion for WE)
jus for the clarification, its not me and I'm not waiting for anyone, but yea it can be a any girl's feelings.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

If there were Dreams to Sell ..!!

I still remember the time when the best crayons in market were or the pink Barbie bag was the Biggest Wish of my Life. Life is the second name of Change and with some changes in my dreams'  preferences as well. when I was a teenage girl my wishes were like having that cell phone , lappy, good grades and things like that.  

To have a dream, and to accomplish it was so easy for me; I got almost all what I wished in my life and I never realized the actual meaning of the quote (If there were Dreams to Sell what would you Buy...??) or the true definition of Dream until I heard about a Life and a Love.  

I always had a Materialistic Mind, to get all things what everyone wished for but when i look at Love or Life; they are all as a Real Dream for me now. I'm not that successful yet in accomplishing both.  

So I kept thinking If there were Dreams to Sell what would I Buy...?? a Peaceful Life with True Love or my Other Dreams..??

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Eid Greetings ..!!

Eid ul-Adha Mubarak to all Muslims .. 
Hope Allah's blessings bring a Blissful Happiness, spirit of Celebrations and Togetherness with your friends and family. Have a good one .. 
have a good time with your bakras .. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pink turned BLuE..

Nothing is Pink around.. is Pink Dead? the sudden question raise in my mind.
I was so missing the Pink Smile; the smile which was making things bright, lighten up the surroundings, making everyone happy ..

Pink is Life; how can it die?

and then I heard that Pink turned Blue .. !!

yes I heard Pink turned Blue .. !!

Pink is Frozen as Blue; Life is Frozen ..
Remember we heard that Sleeping Beauty fairy tale. Pink is now that Frozen Blue Princess which is waiting for her Prince to come on his White Horse and touch her to give a Life and make her Pink again.

yes .. Pink can apparently go down or invisible but it's still alive. even if it has no Life but it still can think .. Think Pink..!! Think about a Life..  (A Small Pink Life)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jus Imagine ..

It’s a pleasant Saturday evening but I'm lying on my bed in a lazy mode and watching my missing episodes of equals three of Ray WJ. I love him man. in a video he was talking about a creepy video which got millions of hits in jus five days and it was a freaking  cat doing something with his master's shoe. ftw a cat's famous and people are still hitting that video...   

Why are so many people doing with watching a cat ehh ..!! This Global Village is making a stupid cat very popular among stupid people like us. But yea with laughing over the cats act I was thinking what I myslef without internet, I mean I really have no life without it. Two days back I was having a fight and betting with Kate over the same thing. She was insisting that there's another life outa my lappy but I insisted that there's NO LIFE ..!! I mean how can anyone live without internet and yea finally she lost the bet and I'm so happy for it.  

Now forgetting what I was fighting with her; I'm thinking about my life that's too much depending on technology (specially internet and mobile phones) like watching stupid YouTube channels and reading, writing, googling, facebooking and chatting etc. But the other thought came into my mind that the same Kate was saying once that she has a box (The Computer's processor she was referring) and her little friends living there. I know it was stupid (lol) but very mind provoking thing she said. She can use mind is the thing I never expect from her just kidding.  

Anyways I was thinking if we had no technology we got for sure No Life (Yes not jus me even You). The World in the Palm of my hand with this Technology.. Funny thing is that sometimes I really want to restart life or CTRL+Z the things what I made wrong, I wanna CTRL+C and CTRL+V my work if I don’t wanna do it second time, I wanna CTRL+F or missed call the things what I lost in life, I wanna swap card on leaving and entering in my room. I want my home same as I'm having in Yoville, I want my life as perfect I'm watching in ads appearing on sites. I know this all will be possible someday. im very sure about it. 

Suppose if I never had internet. I never got idea that there's a Chills living in US, a Kate in Yemen, a Khan in UK or a Medy and Zee in same my city. They are just few I have so many friends here over internet 
Even My Besties..!!  
It's not jus done with friends I never knew about Ray William Johnson and that stupid cat, Jay Sean or everyone to whom I like. I never had dark circles and I never get late from office. lol rather I never had a job even what an Software Engineer can do without technology. My day starts and end with internet and phone.

Suppose if I never had mobile phone I could miss so many lectures while I was studying and I never gossiped that much. I couldn't get up on time or receiving pathetic jokes as forward messages. I was laughing on the joke i received yesterday that a father will tell his son in 2020 that I met your mum on Facebook. lol. and same the South Park low internet episode. 

~~ Funny !!!
3ye ADMIT that Life is not superb with internet and too much technology as Bill Gates said that Life was much better when Apple and Blackberry were fruits. But Just imagine the world without it.

But you know without internet No one knew there exist an 3ye and most important 3ye never knew there's someone You... !!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

no Promises...!

Hey baby, when we are together

Doing things that we love

Every time you're near I feel like I'm in heaven

Feeling high

I don't want to let go, girl

I just need you to know, girl

I don't wanna run away

Baby, you're the one I need tonight

No promises

Baby, now I need to hold you tight

I just wanna die in your arms

I don't wanna run away

I want to stay forever through time and time

No promises

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Baby are you down down down down ... !!!

Big Girls Don't Cry.. !!! ftw why not??

General perception of people around me is that I cry a lot for no reason... Oo Oo I cry a lot yes yes I do... !! And I hate it when somebody ask me why I’m crying instead of consoling me..

I love Jay Sean when he sings for his girl.

~you be my only, no need to worry... Baby are you down down down down ..

I’m feeling down today, it’s a public holiday and I’m working since morning. Well I don't have any problem with my work but only if I’m in mood. so the problem is I'm not in mood.

Actually it's all his fault to whom I'm listening from last two days and I'm jealous of his girl.. lol ..

But yea I’m happy 'cause here is no one who can see and say Big Girls Don't Cry!!

oh im not crying or upset .. I'm jus too much into this song today .. lol

yes but a bit down

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Am I Real ??

I was shocked after looking a Facebook profile on my home page which some of my friend just added. It was my picture on display and my name as profile name.
OMG!!! When did I put this picture on and this is not my profile.. It's Fake.. 
When I opened my page it wasn't even more shocking for me that there were more than one pictures and my personal information was in profile.
I'm confused about myself.. 

Am I Real or Fake??

I'm being Impersonated.... !!!
Am I that famous or somebody is jealous of me? Who can do this? What is the purpose behind it? Have a done something wrong with someone who's taking revenge with me?? For sure yes there's one of the above reason.. It was midnight when i checked that profile and I couldn't sleep whole night; thinking about it. 

Impersonation is an act in which someone imitates the other. It can be imitation of action, behavior, culture faking other etc. it can be Legal, Illegal; Ethical or Unethical.

Legal Impersonation: Entertainment, Mimicry, impersonation to avoid crimes and help cops. Each of above category fall in Legal and Ethical impersonation. People do mimicry of politicians, actors, players etc. There are many shows on television which are impersonating many people since long and it's total Ethical.

Illegal Impersonation: Identity theft, Nudity, Pornography and many other things worse than the unethical activities are very common due to it. I feel sorry for those who are doing this for just a short time pleasure. I don't find it a crime I think it's definitely a Sin. Laws definitely exists there and they are working to stop these kinda unethical acts, but people are not aware of them. Its main purpose is to create a bad image of the person who is being impersonated.

Sometime it's Fun for the impersonator. Friends living with us whole day; yea sometime they  impersonate us. Calls, texting, sending mails or letters to others with their friend name, disguise like them or anything like that.. Creating fake profiles of Ashley Tisdale or Justin Bieber maybe fun but is it same when you create a Friend or a Business Rival; whose image can be ruined to others and  impression can be destroyed by impersonation.???

Internet is growing so fast now, and data over Internet is not at all safe specially if it's personal. So many fake profiles, fake identity, using others names etc .. 
Everything like that can ruin a life .. Specially if she's a Girl with whom you are doing with. I read myself sometime back that two girls committed Suicide due to the thing that their families were not accepting these things and were blaming them and trust me the news were showing a 2 months baby of one girl.

I believe everything action always got two sides, Positive and Negative. All depends on the Intentions on the person who's performing it and for whom he's doing. Impersonation; if it's Ethical and Legal it's Fun and Good somehow (as long as it's Ethical) but the other case is a Sin and a Cheat itself and the impersonator is a Criminal, an Evil Mind. 

Faking Other is Unethical...!!!
Respect others privacy...

Friday, November 5, 2010

3ye Google everything ..

Google became the world’s Number 1 search engine in last 15 years. We all use it daily for our searches.

Last night when I was sitting with my brother and sister, I don’t know how we started and reached on the thing that we can search everything on Google. We tried some stupid things and find almost all.

I was thinking about same when I was coming to work today how much I use Google in a day. I spend my hours on it daily. Sometime when I have nothing to Google and I use it for random searches. Yes I use it a lot. It never disappointed me. 

I was thinking about something I was searching a lot and couldn't find it on there. Mmm .. It always gives me at least clues about the things. 

Think Think... and it appeared to me ~Happiness and Satisfaction...

I'm searching it from many days and I'm not even find it on Google, even world's Number 1 search engine can't find them for me.

A Lost Soul, happiness and satisfaction is still not available on flop searching engines..

King of Heart..

A man who treats his woman like a Princess is a proof that he has been born and raised in the arms of the Queen.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

tHe moMent .. !!

Heaven is not a place where you go when you die, it's that moment in life when u feel Alive...