Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Jus by the way .. too much blabla ..

It’s a by the way post... I have nothing to do so I’m writing it by the way ;)
Zee and Kate were talking about my writings, I was telling them I write well when I feel bad and sad and Kate laughed that I could write every time lol
~punches to both~ lol <3

I can even write when I feel good but it’s not that fun lol... I’m feeling ok and writing... Regarding the perfectionist post, almost everyone liked it but some people have some issues there, they believe that nobody is perfect, yes I feel same when I think about someone else... but I feel for myself I’m so perfect, no one will ever tell you about the perfect things in you 'cause everyone wants to prove (at least try) him or her a human being; never satisfied with others. Somebody was telling me that I’m not a perfect son, brother, friend... and I was messed up with my work, I said you might be perfect for someone, some group of people... And he said what about the rest??

I thought about it whole night, and I ended on the thing if I think I’m perfect and get everything perfect,  maybe not everyone is thinking same, may be not even a single one other .. But the thing come what I feel myself.. And that’s the answer... There’s something call ‘SELF’, the self should be satisfied, and it will lead you to the perfectness itself... repeating again and again... no one will ever let you go up and make you feel special but you yourself.

Ok ending all perfectionism and all... There are few people who feel so shy commenting and saying what they feel... lol again same... Never think what other say about you... just two three months back, I was in the difficult most stage of my life, thinking what will OTHERS say... My parents came up to help me there and taught me that only I’ll suffer if I go with caring rest of the world. I always listen to my heart and specially after that; no one can stop me leading a successful life.

alabla.. my yo is fine and hopefully the 2nd episode of my yo life will be on air soon .. Everyone loved ‘My Noob Story’ and asking me about the next part, specially Zee is very excited... hehe ... your wait will end by the end of this week... :)

Oh my blog life, I’m writing on a ‘Cockroach’ these days and it’s so tough to together all thoughts about it that its pending from last 4 days, other is my family post, the ‘Hamisha Forever’ kinda thing, which I started writing after watching ‘We are Family’ and last in my mind a post about 'GUDDU' lol .. jk about this guddu thing but yes it's for sure about some kid and being a kid ..

Mmm... Let’s stop it now... I’m ending my 'by the way' thoughts...
Take care...
Love <3
3yesh !!!

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