Thursday, October 28, 2010

23 Oct, 2010 ... One Day Trip .. !!!

uff this hectic routine, all time a Tommy on your head.. It’s sick when you work 9 hours a day, and report as 40 hours in week... We need a break..!! Executive club arranged an election that was a ray of hope of some event in office... but what's this, General Secretary is on leave for 40 days... Omii... Now we have to spend 40 more days in Jail I mean office...: S

but wOW WoW wOW a mail received asking trip's proposal ...  One day trip where it should go for one day and people were so excited saying
~take us anywhere away from Tsoft~ lol
And finally it ended on Khewra Salt Mines and Kalar Kahar...

Mail: "we are going next Saturday on 23 Oct 2010"
wooopieee... lalala... ~dancing with joy~

23 Oct, 2010
Me and Asma got ready and left home at 6:25 AM (they asked us to reach 6:30 AM btw: P) it’s good to leave early khekeh at 6:35 AM I started receiving calls saying you are late.. :S 10 minutes is not that late .. We reached office at 6:45 AM WOW WOW WOW ... we have to wait 2 people now.. They reach at 7:00 AM (How punctual) total 10 people including both of us left office in a Mercedes hiAce at 7:10 AM sharp...

On the way: I tuned music on my phone 'cause bus driver got a great choice was asking us to listen Hakeem Suleman's Mashwaray on Radio.. ftw .. lol..  i got cakes, candies, coke, chips etc while listening music .. asma was bored sleeping when i was listening music otherwise we were discussing family issues, current affairs etc lol .. Everyone was doing same. It was Shughal Mahool in van..

At 11:10 AM; we almost reached to Khewra Mines. WOW there were salt handicrafts on the sides of street.. They were looking amazing.. Loved 'em.. We entered in mines area.. a hill view was next to us .. We got 10 Rs ticket (lol idk the price: P) and entered.. It was full of school students at the start and we entered and walked in a dark mine almost 45 minutes.. uff im so tired. it was horrible but worth seeing place seriously.. Heavy water Ponds around hilly walkway.. We spent 2 hours in mine and took few pictures and got outa there.

At 12:30 PM; We left Salt mines and while traveling FIB asked to turn towards Katas Fort.. ftw .. It wasn’t planned.. We reached to Katas Fort in 40 minutes. Offered Zuhur prayers in a masjid (my first experience in some Masjid but it was a deserted one) and moved to Katas Fort. Ooo mii .. A Hindu Temple... I couldn't walk on hilly areas there, I was tired walking in mine.. The pond there was awesome with water real in aqua color.. Amazing.. We captured pictures there thinking ourselves kings and queens.. lol .. It was fun there… some people lost in temple... lol .. Finally we met at 2:30 spent 1 hour there.. It was a good place too..

Uff we are hungry.. Everyone was cursing FIA to 'cause it was his idea to visit Katas Temple.. Forgetting they had fun there... Now we were going to Kalar Kahar...!!
we reached there at 3:55 PM and everyone was hungry, started searching for some hotel to rest and to have lunch.. At last found one and we stayed there, offered Asar prayers and forwarded to see the Kalar Kahar lake .. I have seen that lake already... NOT INTERSTED.. Asma was insisting me for boating and i was like no no no no ... I love water but I’m scared of water.. Anyways i said finally ok .. !! :Ss but woopieeee .. !!!!! they said no boating after 5 and we reached on boating area at 5:10 lolll ... 6 of 10 left for the hill and they joined us at 5:45 and we all got together again around 6 and left for home ..

Got back to home in 3.5 hours... Around 9:30 PM... I skipped a lot of fun like the driver was sucha liar; lied throughout the journey that we were university students’ lol and the continuous discussion on my back seat breaking all women records. blabla..!! Anyways...  it was great fun and we enjoyed a lot.. !!! 

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