Sunday, August 1, 2010

Good Friends; Lasts Forever!!

For all those Idiots who are with me ...

hehe sowwieee idiots .. mmm !!! some are my old friends; few are new .. stay with me and don't dare to leave me .. @@@@ muwahhh ..

For those who are far away...

i still remember the time with you guys.. the fun we had together .. woo non stop laughters .. that was crazy .. yes we were crazy .. !!! i'm badly missing those times.. bunking class in college and sometime in university, sitting in grounds, visiting places for no reason .. acting like dumb ass ... i can't describe here all our fun stuff we had together.. because you know ; its too long ..

For those who left somehow ..!!

when i got so you around; i never care that much and never consider you that important in my life.. Now i know how essential you buds were for me in my life .. whatever we have done with each other i know they are still missing me and so do i ... because i know Good Friends Lasts Forever ..!!

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