Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Never trust a guy !!!

He's saying yes; it means it’s a NO..

He asks to wait; it means NEVER..
He's so dumb to hurt you and you can do anything for him..

He says he loves u; he just want.. :!!!
He says he JUS love you it means there are at least two others..
He says you are the first one; He's saying same with every girl..
He cares about you; it's fake to just get your attention and to show off..
He cheats on you he will do it again and again..

He's saying trust me it means; He's definitely lying..

He's so coward to make you a part of his life..

He can say many thing but don’t worry he won’t do when there’s a time to take action..

His mum always knows all about you ..

You always got something  very special to make you fool..

He can get stars for you but he never get a chance to bring flowers or choclates for you..

That’s all dedicated to a liar.. A diplomatic; double faced .. and implication to all others too ..

Happy another year in his slavery.. !!

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